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Modest Sims 2 clothing for adult female

Related to this sim secret (not mine), I am building a list of more modest/covering clothes. I am no prude, but showing too much skin doesn't work for many of my sim characters (who are sometimes religious, in another era, old-fashioned etc). It is easy enough to find clothing for male sims which cover all the body, so this list is of adult female sims clothing.

What I mean by "modest" maybe another person thinks is not, but my definition is: skirt/pants below the knee and not too skin-tight against the body. Shirt has 3/4 or full long length sleeves, covers the boobies and is not skin-tight. No visible mid-drift or buttcrack! Not too extreme. Just something you can wear to grandma's house, Bible study, or a cousin's bar mitzvah, lol.

Some of these downloads will not be modest by themself, so I included links to things like neck covers and jacket accessories to make them 'appropriate'. Scarves and jackets are very useful for changing an outfit's look. When something has short sleeves, low neckline, etc I will explain that in ().

This is not the ultimate list, and I will add to it from time to time when I find something old/new.


DEFAULT REPLACEMENT Female Modesty Set (Base Game) by HystericalParoxysm.

Non-default modesty sets by colabirne: Female Modesty Set (AL), *non-default* Female Modesty Set (Base Game)

All About Style has many long skirts / Victorian / modest type clothes and meshes.


Uncharted by Fantasyrogue

Moment in the Sun - OFB Skirts with better shoes by Aelia

Mystic Velvet long skirt. The recolors here, here, here, and here.


No word too much (pencilskirt with wedges for AF) by Amaryll

African Skirt Seperates by dustfinger

Pagan-Inspired Skirts by Tyler


Baggy Jeans and Sandals by Sentate

cargo trousers by K-030 (mesh by Gothplague)

☆★☆FULL OUTFIT (inclu. Outerwear, Formals, etc)☆★☆

Blue Modest (Islamic) Tunic with Jeans by VIshampi

Alpha-Editable Medieval Gown by iamliz13

Skirt and Boots EF to AF age conversion by Dj Music

Sari by bettye, version 2, version 3 (mid-drift / short sleeves)

AF Dark Gothic Dress by lidiqnata

Hanii Yoon printed dress by foomika (although sleeveless)

Teen Apartment Life summer dress converted for adult by MegCreations, recolors by javabean_dreams (although sleeveless)

kimono style dress by Heinz (sleeveless)

Regency Gowns by klintsch

TOMANG LADIES - flower black yukata by tomang

Formal gown by bettye

Belted Coats by Cocomama, recolors by javabean_dreams.

Ribbed Cowl Neck Sweater by fanseelamb, recolors by miska, recolors by dracine, recolors by javabean_dreams

Silhouette belted coat / jeans by Amaryll

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat by iosiren

Lumpy Arab or Medieval Dress by bettye

"His Sweater" Boyfriend Sweater & Jeans by fanseelamb, recolor by slar,

H&M Hoodie Outfit for Women by Fantasyrogue, recolors by javabean_dreams.

Eureka! Androgyny outfit by twisted FATE

brown trenchcoat and purple toga by sga_girl

Age of Steam Mesh Transfer (AL) by tamha. See also Steampunk outfits by SerendipityHQ here & here.

Lovecraft Country - Grungy Collegiate Outfits for AF by Cosette, same mesh with tights: Cold days are approaching by Wojtek0

K&B with Aikea Jeans and Trainers
by Cynnix.

Regency Dresses by waxesnostalgic

Princess of Hyrule Zelda's outfit by TheJim07

Seasons Snowboarder Outfit converted by cloudlessnights, recolors by hrekkjavaka astarkort.

2 long furcoats and Furcoats FA+FT by Cocomama, recolors by BillySIMS139 here and here

Victorian Riding Habits by Aligeth


School Days by Amaryll, 18 recolors by Pyromaniac.

[Kitsch]- Untucked Cardigans by elunaira

Blue Monday and Shellshock by Gelydh, recolor by Ninika (short sleeve, low neckline)

Alpha-Editable Dress Top by HystericalParoxysm, recolor by sga_girl, recolor by Equation, recolor by fairywasteland

Pumpkin Soup sweaters by aikea guinea, recolors by Petitchat. See also: A Common Disaster - Sweaters for Adult Males & Females by aikea guinea, recolors by Pooklet, recolors by JenW.

15 untucked Oxford shirts by CatofEvilGenius, recolors by tamo.

Pendulous Threads - Ghanima's blazers for adults, converted by migamoo (teen version by Ghanima here).

Apartment life cardigan converted by Amaryll, recolors by LYNNESEY

Das Omen Leather jacket top by A.S.K.

Petals by Amaryll

'A Bad Name' Shirts with corsets for AF by Nymphy

Aikea's Basics 2008 for AF by Azaya

She's my sin (vest tops for AF on two meshes) by Amaryll, recolors by Bosie.

Winter colourful stripy sweaters and Comfy winter: 4 turtleneck sweaters by lenasha

6 cozy sweaters by Mikexx2, mesh by Fashiontwist (top is a little tight on the boobage).

Untucked Sweater Tops by Mirade (short sleeves)

H&M Sweaters as Seperates by SharonSims2 (3/4 sleeves)


Cold Light of Morning by Steerpike (mesh by HP here)

Nightlife Baggy Pajama recolor by Plum


Hijab by ClubKitty

Medieval headwear by daislia.

African-style headwrap by Milanosims2

Stylerag by Kavar

Helga headscarf hair (Jackie O/Grace Kelly/Persian Princess style hijab)

Tudor bonnets and veil of Marie de Bourgogne by bipsouille

veil/mantilla by Flora, recolor by Bubbly123.


niqab (face veil by beosboxboy

Trenchcoat accessory by generalzoi.

Short leather jacket accessory by generalzoi, recolors by SynapticSim.

SAU scarf recolors by oskarone_67, more recolors by KalmanKukka.

Shawls by KalmanKukka, mesh by Rose


Very handy. Thanks muchly for this - I'm always on the lookout for regular-person style clothing!
Me too! Fortunately there is much stuff out there now. I remember the first years of Sims 2, most outfits for AF was uncomfortable, tight, with high heels. >_
That secret was mine ;)
So let me thank you for this list :) Very nice!
I'm glad it is useful to you. I will update it as much as I can.
this is a great list! i'm about to make some orthodox jewish aliens and the women will need some non skantacular clothing.
i'm such a fan of yours and i can't wait so see what you'll be posting next. have you gotten the esther hair worked out yet?
thank you!

I haven't been working on the Esther scarf lately, probably because meshing frustrates me. >_< I really want to finish it somehow. I fear it will take much time.

I really like the idea- aliens having an earthling religion or culture but their own outerspace spin on it. I'm starting to like aliens in the game. I made a MultiPT set which I will upload soon. ^_^