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Esther Scarf

I am trying to make the .obj file "Esther Scarf" by mantello into a Sims 2 hair.

It's a traditional Jewish style but also for Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Dark Ages, chemotherapy, peasant women, hippies, high fashion, etc. Scarves are cool. This is my first time with hair meshes. I NEED a challenge and to try something new. Current polycount is huge: 15,210. The shape is too detailed for ordinary use. Removing the tails of the scarf removes 5,000 polys from it.

I took the af baldhead and reshaped the .obj to fit it. I removed the .obj's bangs (check the first link above, they looked ugly). The fit isn't exact. In a frontal view one can see inside to the bald scalp, where a real scarf would be wrapped tightly around the head. A Maxis short hair with bangs may be a better fit. There are many unneeded folds and hidden internal parts I can delete, but I cannot select & delete them without deleting parts I want to keep (and making big holes in the scarf). Any advice?
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